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Who We Are

Indigo Pipelines is an independent, UK based, public gas transporter. We are regulated by Ofgem and are responsible for safely transporting gas through our networks to over 180,000 residential and commercial properties across the UK.

Indigo Pipelines does not sell gas to consumers but ensures it is safely and efficiently delivered to the end customer on behalf of gas suppliers.

Indigo Pipelines was established by SSE plc as SSE Pipelines in 1992. Since then it has grown its network of connections throughout the UK. On 28th February 2019 the company was acquired by Arjun Infrastructure Partners, an infrastructure management company.

Under its new ownership, Indigo Pipelines will continue to provide the high standards of safety, service and performance that have ensured repeat business with a large number of satisfied developers and housebuilders.

Operations & Network Administration

Indigo Pipelines will continue to benefit from its close links with SSE plc (SSE), the FT-SE 100 utility company.

The operations and network administration of Indigo Pipelines’ network assets have been contracted to SSE Utility Solutions Limited (registered in England and Wales No. 06894120 and whose registered office is No.1 Forbury Place, 43 Forbury Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG1 3JH) which trades under the name of SSE Enterprise Utilities. SSE Enterprise Utilities is a member of the SSE Group. SSE is a major utility with many years of experience building and operating public gas networks. SSE Utility Solutions is responsible for maintaining our network and employing the resources required to address any problems. Click below for further information on SSE Utility Solutions.

Indigo Pipelines is one of the fastest growing independent gas transporters in the UK. Working in partnership with SSE, we are able to adopt new gas connections from developers and house-builders throughout the country. If you are interested in finding out more about new connections, disconnections or variations please see our Connections section.


Arjun Infrastructure Partners

Arjun Infrastructure Partners (AIP) is an independent infrastructure asset management company. It was founded in 2015 by the former European management team of the Global Infrastructure Investments Fund at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, led by Surinder Toor.

AIP's team has extensive operational and financial experience in regulated utilities, energy and renewables, and transportation. AIP has attracted highly talented senior industry professionals who share the ambition of building a fully aligned long-term partnership with institutional investors.

SSE Utility Solutions Limited

SSE Utility Solutions Limited (which trades under the SSE Enterprise brand) is dedicated to building and operating pipe and cable networks delivering electricity, gas, water and heat networks to new and existing residential and commercial developments throughout the UK.

SSE Utility Solutions Limited specialises in delivering large scale infrastructure projects in a challenging and competitive marketplace. Its strength comes from long established relationships with developers and a proven delivery model which delivers on time and on budget.


House-builders, Utility Contractors & Energy Suppliers

Indigo Pipelines is an Ofgem licensed company and one of the fastest growing independent gas transporters in the UK. Working in partnership with SSE Utility Solutions Limited, we are able to assist with the design, delivery and adoption of new gas connections throughout the UK. If you are looking for an Ofgem licensed company to adopt new gas networks or require other network services please contact our partner SSE Utility Solutions Limited at the address below.

New Connections

SSE Utility Solutions Limited will consider any domestic or commercial development requiring three or more connections. For further information please refer to our Downloads section or contact our partner SSE Utility Solutions Limited for a quote.

0345 300 2314


We are aware that prompt disconnection can be crucial in achieving tight build or demolition schedules. For further information on disconnections please refer to our Downloads section or contact our partner, SSE Utility Solutions Limited, for a quote.

0345 078 6739


For any enquiries relating to meter installation or variations please refer to our Downloads section or contact our partner SSE Utility Solutions Limited for a quote.

0345 078 6739

Supply Point (MPRN)/Existing Connections

For any supply point (MPRN) / existing connections queries please contact our partner SSE Utility Solutions Limited. For queries relating to your gas bill, please contact your gas supplier, details of whom may be found on your gas bill.

0345 078 6739


Licensed Independent Gas Transporter

MAMCop provider under the SPAA Meter Asset Managers’ Registration Scheme

Ofgem Regulated

Useful Documents

Adoption and System Exit Charges Download
Code of Practice Download
Connection Charges Download
Disconnection Charges Download
Metering Charges Statement Download
Notice of Rights Download
Service Alteration Application Pack Download
Transportation Ancillary Charges Download


Indigo Pipelines Limited
15 Diddenham Court
Lambwood Hill

Registered Office:
Loddon Reach
Reading Road

SSE Utility Solutions Limited
No.1 Forbury Place
43 Forbury Road

Supply Point (MPRN)/Existing Connections Enquiries

0345 078 6739

Gas Emergencies

Gas Emergencies – if you smell gas, or believe that a gas pipe has been damaged please call the following National Gas Emergency Number immediately:

0800 111 999

New Connections

0345 300 2314

Disconnections & Metering

0345 078 6739

Damaged Metering Equipment / Non-Emergencies

0345 078 6739

Plant Enquiries

For all enquiries regarding the location of any of Indigo Pipelines’s existing gas assets please email

Gas Emergencies

Gas Emergencies – if you smell gas, or believe that a gas pipe has been damaged please call the following number immediately:

National Gas Emergency

0800 111 999

For your own safety, please also follow this advice:

  • If you have not already done so, please turn off the gas at the meter
  • Extinguish all naked flames (and do not smoke)
  • Open doors and windows for ventilation
  • Do NOT operate electrical switches ON or OFF
  • Do NOT use any door entry phone or other electrical entry/security device when the emergency service team arrives
  • Evacuate the building and wait for the emergency services to attend